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Dec 29, 2020 | BRAND PROFILE

Welcome to CBD Living at The CBD Department. We’re proud to offer CBD Living products in our store and we know our customers love them, too. CBD Living is one of our top selling brands, offering a wide range of incredibly unique and technologically-advanced products, great for beginning CBD users through advanced CBD connoisseurs.

CBD Living is known for bringing “sophistication and scientific rigor to the CBD extraction process”. Their nanotechnology and CO2 extraction process is ahead of the game, ensuring you get maximum value from CBD Living Water, CBD Living tinctures, and other CBD Living products. CBD Living’s nanotechnology provides 100% absorption and bioavailability of CBD through “nano-sizing”, which allows CBD Living CBD to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

The CBD Department offers CBD Living products for both you and your pet, including CBD Living Water, CBD Living Sparkling Water, CBD Living tinctures, CBD Living gummies, CBD paw salve, CBD pet conditioner, CBD et shampoo, CBD dog conditioner, CBD dog treats, CBD Living tea in a variety of flavors, CBD coffee, CBD pre-rolls in a variety of flavors, CBD bath bombs, and more. 

The CBD Department is dedicated to offering you a large variety of hand-picked brands and products that we believe in. CBD Living is one of our closest partners, and we have the utmost respect and admiration for their vision, products, quality, and technological sophistication. Keep an eye on CBD Living as they create the future of CBD.

Who is CBD Living?

Established in 2013, the founders “decided to create CBD Living to push the envelope on the science of CBD”. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality products that are superior to other brands on the marketplace. That superiority, quality, and precision is driven by CBD Living’s groundbreaking use of nanotechnology.

What Makes CBD Living Different

“Cbd Living nano-molecules are 4,444% smaller than a standard CBD molecule.  The size doesn’t impact the effectiveness but rather allows the body to absorb more of the CBD due to the nano particles getting flushed as waste by your body. Nano is absorbed better by the body to eliminate extra waste your body cannot absorb.”  That’s what gets Jeff Felber excited about CBD Living (CEO of The CBD Department along with his co-CEO and wife, Grace).

The CBD Department is a one stop shop for quality products and education that people need to make informed choices. Jeff and Grace have studied quality and recognize it in a brand. They promise that each product they receive is third-party lab tested to verify its cannabinoid potency, THC levels, and more before being added to their portfolio of CBD products.” The team builds relationships with vetted brands, CBD Living being one of their favorites, to offer you what they consider the best on the market.

CBD Living believes in quality throughout the entire process. CBD Living is dedicated to free trade. They stand behind their goal to advance employment and labor practices through the hemp industry and NEVER test on animals.

Where is CBD Living Located?

CBD Living is located in Colorado, where CBD Living Water, CBD Living Sparking Water, and all CBD Living products are organically grown at a state-licensed hemp farm and extraction facility.

CBD Living Products:

CBD Living and CBD Living Water products are specially designed with nanotechnology to reduce CBD molecules to a size that can reach every cell in our bodies.

CBD Living Water, CBD Sparkling Water, and More Popular CBD Living products available online at The CBD Department:

Where Can I Buy CBD Living?

CBD Living sells their products online, in stores, and through partners like us who offer a variety of high quality brands.

Customers deciding where to buy CBD Living tinctures, CBDLiving Water, and other products choose TheCBDDepartment.com because of the wide variety of CBD Living Water, CBD Living Sparkling Water, and other CBD Living products.

Shop now for CBD Living at TheCBDDepartment.com.

What do CBD Living Water Reviews Say?

CBD Living Water, CBD Living Sparkling Water, CBD Living tinctures, and CBD Living’s wide range of products are one of TheCBDDepartment’s top selling brands. Search for other CBD Living reviews to find out what customers are saying about CBD Living.

Why Should I Buy CBD Living?

CBD Living is the market leader, with high quality, technologically sophisticated CBD Living Water, CBD Living Sparkling Water, CBD Living tinctures, and Other CBD Living products.

The CBD Department takes pride in working with brands of the highest quality and assurances and providing you with the best information and products we truly believe in. We are hands-on, from the farms until you receive your products in your hands, and for support at any step of your journey.  If you need help finding the right product for you, you can find us here!

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