CBD for Dogs: Everything You Need to Know and Benefits

Dec 18, 2020 | CBD EDUCATION

Benefits of CBD for Dogs:

If you’ve read our article about the benefits of CBD, you know that CBD has been found to have a wide range of health benefits for people suffering from ailments such as seizures, anxiety, pain, cancer, and more. Did you know CBD can also be a great treatment option for your beloved pet? Pet owners are discovering the benefits of CBD for Dogs, cats, and other pets.

Meet Harley:

Harley, The CBD Department chief mascot and CBD connoisseur, with mom and co-CEO, Grace Felber.

The CBD Department loves animals. The owners are pet parents, too. Meet Harley, he’s 3 and a half and a big fan of CBD. You can say he’s the chief mascot and has been benefiting from CBD for pets for a while now! It’s important to us that what we give to our pets is the best, and that’s what we offer you as well. We give Harley CBD oil for dogs and CBD treats for dogs to treat.

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

It can be so challenging to watch your dog, your best friend, suffer. Traditional medicine doesn’t always have the right answer and sometimes our furry family members take a backseat in the healthcare systems. Many pet parents have found an answer in CBD as an effective treatment for their pets’ ailments, including anxiety, pain, cancer, and more. Recently, veterinarians and animal health researchers have begun discovering the benefits of CBD for dogs. Families around the world are incorporating CBD for pet products into their pet’s treatment plan.

What is CBD for Dogs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis, a plant with a long, worldwide, ancient history of therapeutic medicine.

The Cannabis plant has two main species, hemp and marijuana. Hemp has a very low or non-existent (less than 0.3%) level of THC compared to marijuana. CBD does not produce the same psychoactive effects (or “Entourage Effect”) as THC. CBD can provide health benefits but will generally not get a person or animal “high”.

Risks of Using (Cannabidiol) CBD for Dogs?

Human studies show that cannabinoids have powerful therapeutic properties that can relieve symptoms of anxiety, aggression, pain, cancer, neurological disorders, and more. Research is growing on the benefits of CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets, as well as CBD’s long term effects on pets. Meanwhile, studies have indicated that healthy dogs overall tolerate CBD well with reports of mild side effects.

Additional anecdotal evidence on social media, online forums, and additional channels suggests that CBD provides a wide range of health benefits to pets and animals, as documented by pet owners and animal caregivers who incorporate CBD into their pet’s lives.

CBD for Dogs Benefits:

Every person and animal has an endocannabinoid system in their body that plays a critical role in managing a wide spectrum of day-to-day physiological processes (including mood, energy, immune activity, blood pressure, stress, metabolism, pain experience, and more). Our endocannabinoid system and our pet’s, respond to CBD and allow CBD to naturally interact with our bodies. Supplementing your pet’s treatment with CBD products such as CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD dog treats, and more can help provide your pet with relief for the following ailments and others.

What Dog Health Problems Can CBD manage?

CBD for Dogs With Chronic Pain:

CBD is considered to potentially be a powerful painkiller. One study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology stated that the endocannabinoid system is closely connected to pain management. Other studies have indicated that CBD can temporarily stop the absorption of anandamide, a chemical that helps suppress pain signals in the brain. That, paired with anti-inflammatory properties provides your dog with possible relief from pain of all kinds, including arthritis, chronic pain, migraine pain, and more.

CBD for Dogs With Anxiety, Stress, and Mental Health Disorders:

Many human studies have shown promising effects of CBD on anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health conditions. Our pets suffer from anxiety just like us: separation anxiety, food anxiety, social anxiety, noise anxiety, and more. You might see your dog exhibit behaviours such as excessive barking, aggression, fear and tremors or chewing up the house if he’s struggling.

More research is being done into the mechanism in the body that results in CBD’s therapeutic effect and the benefits of CBD for dogs and pets. Evidence suggests that by targeting serotonin receptors, CBD can improve serotonin levels and relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

You can browse a variety of CBD oils for your dogs at The CBD Department shop. If your dog is more finicky, make sure to explore our CBD edibles for pets to find your dog CBD anxiety treats!

CBD for Dogs With Seizures:

Research has shown that CBD can help people suffering from epilepsy and seizures, with anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD may provide the same relief for dogs with seizures. CBD is being widely researched as an alternative to traditional anti-seizure medications that include a long, daunting list of side effects.

CBD for Dogs With Cancer:

The heartbreaking experience of supporting a pet who is suffering from cancer is made even more difficult by aggressive treatment options. Early animal studies and anecdotal evidence from dog owners indicates that CBD can slow the growth and increase of cancerous cells. Stay tuned as more research comes out.

CBD for Dogs With Nausea:

It can be strange when your usually food-loving pet loses his appetite for a variety of reasons. CBD pet products can be a helpful relief for dogs with nausea and vomiting.

A pet parent’s fear is that decreased appetite and nausea can lead to dehydration, fatigue, unhealthy weight loss, and more.

CBD possesses antiemetic (anti-nausea and vomiting) qualities, and unlike most traditional antiemetics on the market lacks the same offputting side effects.

How Much CBD Can I Give My Dog? And How?

We offer a hand-picked selection of CBD pet products including CBD tinctures for pets, CBD biscuits and CBD dog treats for pets, CBD bath products for pets, and more. If you believe CBD could benefit your dogs, cats, or other beloved creatures, we recommend you check with your veterinarian and browse our wide variety of pet CBD products here.

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work?

CBD is fast acting. It can start working within 30 to 90 minutes when taken orally.

Just to Be Certain…Will CBD Get My Dog High?

It’s worth mentioning again that no, CBD will not get your dog high, but CBD can potentially provide your pets with relief. The pet CBD products sold by The CBD Department contain less than 0.3% THC, so you don’t need to worry about your dog getting high. The list of benefits of CBD for dogs and pets is long and growing.

CBD Oil for Dogs:

The potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs and pets suffering from physical and mental ailments is long and diverse. CBD covers a wide spectrum of therapeutic uses including anxiety, pain relief, neurodegenerative diseases, depression, nausea and vomiting, seizure disorders, neurological symptoms, cancer and oncological symptoms, skincare, and more.

The CBD Department takes pride in working with brands of the highest quality and assurances and providing you with the best information and products we truly believe in. We are hands-on, from the farms until you receive your products in your hands, and for support at any step of your journey.  If you need help finding the right product for you, you can find us here!

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