CBD for Autism

Jun 6, 2021 | CBD EDUCATION

What is Autism?

It is estimated that worldwide about one in 270 people has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Autism (or ASD) is a developmental condition characterized by challenges with social interaction, communication, and repetitive behaviors. Usually diagnosed in early childhood, many treatment options exist to help those with ASD live independent and thriving lives. The Autism spectrum ranges wide, manifesting with different symptoms, severity, and level of disability.

Often, individuals with ASD also have co-occurring conditions including depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and ADHD.

According to the Autism Society:

“Autism is characterized in the DSM-V by:

Persistent differences in communication, interpersonal relationships, and social interaction across different environments.

What this can look like: Being nonverbal or having atypical speech patterns, having trouble understanding nonverbal communication, difficulty making and keeping friends, difficulty maintaining typical back-and-forth conversational style

Restricted and repetitive behavior, patterns, activities and interests

What this can look like: Repeating sounds or phrases (echolalia), repetitive movements, preference for sameness and difficulty with transition or routine, rigid or highly restricted and intense interests, extreme sensitivity to or significantly lower sensitivity to various sensory stimuli.

According to the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, which is used by clinicians to diagnose autism, these core features of autism must be present in early childhood but may not fully manifest until social demands exceed the person’s capacity to cope with them, and challenges may be masked by learned coping strategies.”

Benefits of CBD

CBD (or cannabidiol) is growing in popularity along with its list of proven benefits worldwide.

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of different compounds, including THC and CBD. CBD, a beneficial compound derived from the hemp plant, is different than THC. It won’t get you high and should not appear on a drug test (assuming your brand of choice adheres to manufacturing and testing standards, as our brands do).

It interacts with our endocannabinoid systems, which naturally exist in both humans and animals, allowing us to benefit from its many healing properties. Individuals find relief from pain, anxiety, depression, seizures, insomnia, ADHD, women’s health, inflammation, and more.

CBD for Autism

Evidence is building for both THC and CBD as therapeutic treatments for Autism. The FDA even recently approved a cannabis-derived medicine called Epidiolex for related disorders, containing CBD. 

While no drug truly targets the core symptoms of ASD, cannabis can help relieve many symptoms that individuals may find disruptive to their lives or functioning.

Individuals with Autism report reduced aggression with CBD. CBD can improve mental health, reducing symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. It can also improve depression and promote better sleep.

CBD also benefits the body in a more physical way, reducing seizures and inflammation.

CBD can alter messages between nerve cells in brain regions that regulate stress, anxiety and seizures. According to UC San Diego researchers:

“Studies using animals modeling ASD have shown that CBD has similar effects: Excitatory neurotransmitters are inhibited, leading to a reduction of behavioral and social deficits characteristic of ASD,” said Doris Trauner, MD, Distinguished Professor of Neurosciences and Pediatrics at UC San Diego School of Medicine and an attending pediatric neurologist at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego with special expertise in neurodevelopmental disabilities. “CBD may have potential for many neurological disabilities, but there is particular interest in autism because the behavioral problems can be severe and limit the child’s ability to learn and socialize.”

In Israel, research was conducted on the effects of CBD on Autistic children. The report states:

“In 2014, The Ministry of Health began providing licenses for the treatment of children with epilepsy. After seeing the results of cannabis treatment on symptoms like anxiety, aggression, panic, tantrums and self-injurious behavior, in children with epilepsy, parents of severely autistic children turned to medical cannabis for relief.”

How to take CBD for autism

When finding the right CBD to treat Autism (or ASD), start by ensuring that the brands you consider meet high quality standards, and are lab tested and certified, like the brands we sell. The CBD Department team is a friend of the Autistic community, and we always stand by our friends. We’re happy to help you find the right product for your needs, taste, and lifestyle.

Before checking with us, we recommend checking with your doctor to ensure CBD is the right option for you.

CBD is consumed orally or topically and is best maximized when used consistently, so when deciding on the right product, think long-term.

CBD for Autism

CBD comes in various forms, including:

  • Full-Spectrum CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol oil is regarded as the most popular CBD product. The primary types of CBD oil are full spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, and broad spectrum CBD, all offering benefits to our endocannabinoid systems.

Full spectrum CBD oil undergoes a whole plant hemp extraction process that keeps over 100+ cannabinoids, compounds, and terpenes intact, including even trace amounts of THC. This process results in full-spectrum CBD oil that preserves the most beneficial elements of CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil undergoes a whole plant hemp extraction process that keeps over 100+ cannabinoids, compounds, and terpenes intact, but EXCLUDES traces of THC.

CBD isolate is a pure form of CBD, containing CBD only and none of the terpenes and elements that full-spectrum oil contains. It’s often produced with MCT oil as a base for easier consumption. CBD isolate products contain 99% or more pure cannabidiol.

So which one to go for? Broad spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate products are good for people with sensitivity or aversion to THC as well as CBD beginners. Full spectrum is a good treatment match for people who seek a complete, more widely encompassing CBD experience.

CBD is used in the form of edibles, topicals, skin care, vapes, and more. The CBD Department offers the full spectrum of products to browse and understand what’s right for you. Our list includes:

CBD Dosage for Autism

Recommended dosage varies among each individual and depends on health and wellness goals, body weight, product types and concentration. Each person is different. We recommend starting with a low dose (10-20 mg) and gradually increasing your dose by 10-20mg until you reach your optimal dosing level and schedule. Some CBD users take CBD once a day, some take doses throughout the day, and some, of course, use CBD in forms other than oil (topicals, edibles, vapes, and more).

In finding the therapeutic dosage of CBD for you, consistency is key. Your body optimizes the cannabinoids (full, broad, or pure isolate) better as you take it consistently.  That results in greater therapeutic success in treating any ailments.

in conclusion

As more people begin to use CBD and interest in the health benefits of CBD oil grows, researchers continue to discover new health benefits of CBD and more states are legalizing use. For now, you can always ask a healthcare professional for advice about which CBD product to use and how much CBD to take.

The list of potential benefits of CBD oil for people suffering from physical and mental ailments is long. CBD covers a wide spectrum of therapeutic uses including depression, anxiety, pain relief, seizure disorders, neurodegenerative diseases and neurological symptoms, cancer and oncological treatment relief, skincare benefits, and more.

The CBD Department takes pride in working with brands of the highest quality and assurances and providing you with the best information and products we truly believe in. We are hands-on, from the farms until you receive your products in your hands, and for support at any step of your journey.  If you need help finding the right product for you, you can find us here.

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